Thief of Time

Time is a resource. Everyone knows it has to be managed. On Discworld that
is the job of the Monks of History, who store it and pump it from the place
where it’s wasted (like underwater – how much time does a codfish need?)
to places like cities where there’s never enough time. But the construction
of the world’s first truly accurate clock starts a race against, well,

Thief of Time

Thief of Time

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Išleista: 200205

Puslapiai: 429

ISBN-10: 0552148407

ISBN-13: 9780552148405

Formatas: 11 x 17.7 x 3.2 cm, minkšti viršeliai

Kalba: Anglų

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Thief of

Thief of Time pdf, epub, mobi

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