The Road to Unfreedom

With the end of the Cold War, the victory of liberal democracy was thought to be absolute. Observers declared the end of history, confident in a peaceful, globalized future. But we now know this to be premature. Authoritarianism first returned in Russia, as Putin developed a political system dedicated solely to the consolidation and exercise of power. In the last six years, it has creeped from east to west as nationalism inflames Europe, abetted by Russian propaganda and cyberwarfare. While cou…

The Road to Unfreedom

The Road to Unfreedom

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Išleista: 20180410

Puslapiai: 368

ISBN-10: 0525575405

ISBN-13: 9780525575405

Formatas: 15,4 x 23,1 x 2,7 cm, minkšti viršeliai

Kalba: Anglų

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The Road to

The Road to Unfreedom pdf, epub, mobi

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