The Pumpkin Eater

The Pumpkin Eater is a surreal black comedy about the wages of adulthood and the pitfalls of parenthood. A nameless woman speaks, at first from the precarious perch of a therapist’s couch, and her smart, wry, confiding, immensely sympathetic voice immediately captures and holds our attention. She is the mother of a vast, swelling brood of children, also nameless, and the wife of a successful screenwriter, Jake Armitage. The Armitages live in the city, but they are building a great glass tower i…

The Pumpkin Eater

The Pumpkin Eater

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Išleista: 201104

Puslapiai: 224

ISBN-10: 1590173821

ISBN-13: 9781590173824

Formatas: 12.8 x 20.5 x 1.4 cm, kieti viršeliai

Kalba: Anglų

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The Pumpkin

The Pumpkin Eater pdf, epub, mobi

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