Cracking Codes with Python

Learn how to program in Python while making and breaking ciphers-algorithms used to create and send secret messages! After a crash course in Python programming basics, you’ll learn to make, test, and hack programs that encrypt text with classical ciphers like the transposition cipher and Vigenère cipher. You’ll begin with simple programs for the reverse and Caesar ciphers and then work your way up to public key cryptography, the type of encryption used to secure today’s online transactions, inc…

Cracking Codes with Python

Cracking Codes with Python

Atsisiųsti knygą Cracking Codes with Python pdf, epub, mobi


Išleista: 201802

Puslapiai: 416

ISBN-10: 1593278225

ISBN-13: 9781593278229

Formatas: 17.9 x 23.5 x 2.7 cm, minkšti viršeliai

Kalba: Anglų

Cracking Codes with Python.pdf
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Cracking Codes with

Cracking Codes with Python pdf, epub, mobi

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