The story of one of the most recognisable and successful players in world football. Didier Drogba is renowned for his heading ability, sharp shooting and sheer strength. He has played for his native Ivory Coast and for clubs in France, China and Turkey, but it is as a Chelsea striker that he is best known. His feats with Chelsea, with whom he still plays, have made him a cult hero among supporters. Off the field of play Drogba has been widely applauded for his involvement in trying to broker pe…



Atsisiųsti knygą Commitment pdf, epub, mobi


Išleista: 20160630

Puslapiai: 336

ISBN-10: 1473620686

ISBN-13: 9781473620681

Formatas: 12.8 x 19.9 x 2.5 cm, minkšti viršeliai

Kalba: Anglų


Commitment pdf, epub, mobi

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