Į krepšelį BACE inhibitors and their use in the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease BACE (²-site of APP cleaving enzyme) is a critical component in Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), and the development of BACE inhibitors shows great potential as a therapy for the disease. BACE: Lead Target for Orchestrated Therapy of Alzheimer’s Continue Reading

Tell to Win

Į krepšelį Today everyone – whether they know it or not – is in the emotional transportation business. More and more, success is won by creating compelling stories that have the power to move partners, shareholders, customers, and employees to action. Simply put, if you can’t tell it, you can’t Continue Reading

Guidelines for Professional Practice

Į krepšelį This textbook is the recommended reading for the final year undergraduate (Bachelor’s) studies students of Mechatronics and Manufacturing Engineering and Technologies. The book considers the aim, tasks and also the process of the professional practice, provides information on mandatory documents and gives the recommendations on preparation of the Continue Reading