The Audited
aubrey80x80 Aubrey de Grey was among the first and certainly the most famous advocates for viewing aging as an engineering problem. He set forth a plan for identifying all the components that cause human tissue to age, and designing remedies for each of them — forestalling disease and eventually pushing back death. He calls the approach Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS). He is an author, speaker and Co-Founder and CSO at SENS Foundation. While he never claimed it was his goal, he curiously appears in the first few sentences of Wikipedia’s “Immortality” page.
john280x80 John Schloendorn came to the US to work for the SENS foundation in Phoenix, Arizona, where he finished his PhD and started a cancer immunity non-profit. He then formed Immunepath, a VC funded stem cell startup famously made from a lab he built in a garage. The science had success in mice but did not quite make it to human clinical trials. Since then he has built a well outfitted lab where he does research, hosts other scientists, and is building Gene and Cell Technologies.
riva80x80 Riva-Melissa Tez founded Berlin Singularity – a group focusing on bringing and promoting pro-longevity and futurist discussions to mainland Europe and co-runs Kardashev Communications a German/US consultancy group promoting and connecting funds to emerging technologies. She is currently touring a talk called “The Three Obstacles that Prevent Emerging Technologies from Fulfilling Their Potential”.
AJolly80x80 A Jolly is a professional hacker, nomad, and social butterfly. He is co-founder and vice president of the NYC anti-aging non-profit LEAF. His favorite shirt says “Things to do before I die, #1 don’t die”. So far, he’s succeeding and he wants to do everything he can to keep it that way.
andre80x80 Andre Watson is founder and CSO of Ligandal Technologies, where they have developed a novel platform of genome-editing, organelle-localized and ligand-targeted nanoparticles. Ligandal is working to merge next-generation diagnostic tools with their ability to design precisely engineered nano-constructs.
xander80x80 Xander Honkala is also founder of Ligandal Technologies, where he is combining his understanding of immunology and nanotechnology to create a new era of genomically personalized therapies. Together with Andre, he is bringing a leaner startup model to the traditionally expensive biomedical market.
christine80x80 Christine Peterson is co-founder of Foresight Institute, focused on advancing R&D in atomically-precise manufacturing including applications for human health and longevity. She is co-author of Unbounding the Future: The Nanotechnology Revolution, chairs the Personalized Life Extension Conference series, and is CEO of HealthActivator. Christine is credited with originating the term ‘open source software’.
ryanb80x80 Ryan Bethencourt is a biotech entrepreneur engaged in the war against the ravages of time and disease! He’s working to accelerate innovations in medicine through biohacking, open innovation and collaboration. His primary areas of expertise are human translational medicine, genetics, longevity and biohacking. He is currently CEO of Berkeley Biolabs and Managing Partner at LITMUS Clinical Research.
kevin80x80 Kevin Perrott is a Cofounder of SENS Foundation, former Board Member of the Methuselah Foundation, and owner of the largest Honda recreational vehicle dealership in Canada. Kevin survived cancer and shifted direction to developing methods of curing age-related diseases, graduating from the University of Alberta in 2006 at age of 43 with a double major in Biology and Chemistry and is finishing a PhD focused on cellular senescence at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging.
kevin.russell80x80 Kevin Russell, who also goes by the moniker “The Techno-Optimist”, is a transhumanist, philosopher, futurist, researcher, lecturer, founder of Simulet, and the Executive Director of Serious Wonder. Serious Wonder is a progressive futurist technology and consciousness website. They are obsessed with the future. Their mission is to bring their readers the best in futuristic ideas, technology, robotics, science, consciousness, philosophy, psychology, space travel, and modern design.
The Organizers
dinelle280x80 Dinelle Lucchesi is an event and media producer, community organizer and the founder of BRAINS. Her current work focuses on accelerating technologies with major implications for humanity. She co-founded the Health Extension Salon and produced the first public spacehacker workshop at Silicon Valley Space Center.
mark280x80 Mark Hamalainen has dedicated his career to developing the technologies necessary to cure aging. He has worked on gene therapy as a researcher at SENS, DNA sequencing at Halcyon Molecular, and is currently focused on lab automation as the Director of Science at Synthego.
Johan80x80 Johan Aardal discovered our potential for longevity studying molecular biology in his home country of Norway. He grabbed the chance to work with the SENS Foundation in Paris and then a cancer immunity project in Phoenix. With the help of Mark Hamalainen he made his way to California and joined Halcyon Molecular. He is currently growing his own cosmetics company to fund his and others’ future biotech ventures.
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