How to fail the writing essay or the most common mistakes during the writing?

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Fortunately, there are already proven and well-known ways of how applicants do not “stumble” while writing an essay. We offer to your attention the five most common cases of how filing statements spoil their essays themselves, as well as tips on how to avoid it:

Mistake # 1: Too much extras

“An essay is not a confession, and members of the admissions committee are not a committee of doctors.” A fair amount of information about the applicant’s personal life, love tragedy or bad health conditions often do not bring any information whether applicant will be a good college student. Specialists share with the selection committee details of their personal lives, which are only directly related to the thought that relates to the topic of the essay.

Mistake # 2: Ignoring the rules

Imbalance here really plays a huge role – 5 pages out of the 27 with presented reasons why he decided to provide introductory essays, the number of which is 3 times higher than the norm, is not the best choice in your life. Another disregard for the rules, which really bothers the chairpersons of the admissions commissions, are those cases where candidates apply additional essays to their essays.

Mistake # 3: Self-promotion

Most people often tend to go beyond telling stories about their achievements, instead of talking about their experience. Without a doubt, the mention of these achievements can be useful, but candidates are not recommended to base their essays on them.

Mistake # 4: Unkind remarks in someone else’s address

In the process, essay writers often allow themselves to express harsh remarks about someone else. Such criticism can turn against you. The chairmen of the commissions say that candidates need to remember that their essays will be used to determine their relationship with potential employers, as well as their work in the group, and that candidate, who is muddying the former employer, is unlikely to be a part of the team.

Mistake # 5: Shakespeare Syndrome

Applicants usually strive to ensure that their compositions are written in an elegant language, filled with bright prosaic descriptions of witty observations about their activities. There is nothing wrong. However, the most common mistake that candidates make is that they are sometimes too verbose and poetic, while losing the basic essence of the thought they want to convey. And when candidates do not back up words with real examples from their lives, it only shows their lack of commitment and a clear idea of what they want.