A hot period of preparation of application packages for admission to MBA programs is always there. Probably, many incomings have already passed GMAT GRE and TOEFL IELTS, and now they are racking their brains over their essays. It is important to remember that choosing from the list of the best applicants meeting all the criteria, the text of your academic essay is often decisive for the selection admission.

During the process of writing your essay, avoid such basic mistakes:

  1. Inconsistency of the answer to the question. Do not believe in the existence of a universal answer to all questions. Remember that schools intend, select different questions options to the essay in order to diversify them (and test your ability to follow the prescriptions). Usually they are not picky about the answers. Often, their tricks are subtle and aimed at changing some of the keywords in your introductory part or conclusions. You only have one chance to show yourself.
  2. Insufficient number of facts in the essay. Often such a mistake is the result of neglecting important data, or a brief description of the facts of the previous record.
  3. Wrong tone. The type of successful executives is always positive, far-sighted and promising people who even see in their failures the advantages. They inspire respect, not regret.
  4. Use clichés and templates. This reflects a superficial or unimaginative opinion, regardless of the level at which clichés are involved.
  5. Boring resume. There is an erroneous opinion that filling the essay with all possible information is better than concentrating on 1 (or 2) facts from life in more detail. Considering that the selection committee will assess the experience of a person on the basis of a large amount of data, the applicant casually makes a list of his small achievements without going into details that distinguish him from other candidates.
  6. Express your thoughts as high level essay writer about what the admissions committee wants to hear. It is insincere and does not help you to stand out, (as many do also). In fact, the admissions service is waiting for a pleasant surprise from your history or questionnaire. Make them happy.
  7. Errors in grammar and spelling. Do not rely on your own strength or spell checker. Show your essay to other people, especially those who have good practical knowledge of English.
  8. Exclude feelings. Uninteresting or filed in the wrong form of material, will receive a negative response from the admissions committee, which seeks interested, full of energy and enthusiasm of people. All essays are primarily common information about you, and schools, in turn, want to consider in your work a person.
  9. Do not cope with the strategy of the essay. This implies knowledge necessary to balance between the desire to stand out among other applicants and the availability of those skills and values essential to work inside the group.
  10. Neglect the experience gained and the key points. An essay in which there is no final part will be perceived by the admissions committee as incomplete.