BRAINS is a coalition of people building our reality through work in Biology, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology and Space. We are pro-freedom for all human beings and our mission is to connect people and spread the good news that working to make a difference really works.
dinelle280x80 Dinelle Lucchesi is an event and media producer, community organizer and the founder of BRAINS. Her current work focuses on accelerating technologies with major implications for humanity. She co-founded the Health Extension Salon and produced the first public spacehacker workshop at Silicon Valley Space Center.
Johan80x80 Johan Aardal discovered our potential for longevity studying molecular biology in his home country of Norway. He grabbed the chance to work with the SENS Foundation in Paris and then a cancer immunity project in Phoenix. With the help of Mark Hamalainen he made his way to California and joined Halcyon Molecular. He is currently growing his own cosmetics company to fund his and others' future biotech ventures.
mark280x80 Mark Hamalainen has dedicated his career to developing the technologies necessary to cure aging. He has worked on gene therapy as a researcher at SENS, DNA sequencing at Halcyon Molecular, and is currently focused on lab automation as the Director of Science at Synthego.
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